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A monument is a memorial tribute.

Monument Style Decriptions

Upright ~ The monument sits upright in the cemetery.

Flat Marker ~ The marker is flush with the earth.

Hickey ~ The monument sits upright with an angle, smaller top width and larger bottom width.

Pillow ~ The monument sits upright not very high and has a slight angle which resembles a pillow.

Bench~ The bench can be a monument and some styles allow for cremains.

Cremation Monuments ~ The cremation urns or cremains are located inside the monument.

Bronze ~ A plaque that is attached to a granite piece and flush with the earth or a plaque can be attached to a boulder, wall or monument.


Pictures ~ Porcelain photos can be added to any memorial.

Etchings ~ Hand drawn portraits or scenes can be added to a memorial.

Vases ~ Vases can be added to the base of a memorial.

Statues ~ Statues of many styles can be added to the base of a memorial.